Outside Resources

Dr. Zack Isoma’s recommendations for online resources related to mental health and counseling.

Movie Of Your Mind by Dr. Zack

Hearing Your Thoughts by Russ Harris

Dr. Isoma’s Published Articles

Mindfulness: try less, experience more on Lyra Health’s website

Real men have feelings on Lyra Health’s website

Men Suffer In Silence on the Florida Psychological Association’s website

Anxiety vs. Stress: How to Tell the Difference and Get the Help You Need on Lyra Health’s website

Becoming a Dad: How Excitement can Be Met with Anxiety and Loneliness on Lyra Health’s website

Dr. Isoma’s Resources

10 ways to be kind to yourself, from the How to Be Kind to Yourself blog

ACT Audio Exercises

Awareness Exercise (15 min)
This is a great exercise for learning to notice thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Leaves on a Stream (13 min)
This clip teaches how to notice and allow thoughts to come and go.

Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings (12 min)
This exercise teaches you how to stop struggling with thoughts and feelings and learn to allow them to be part of your experience.

Acceptance of Anxiety (12 min)
This is similar to Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings and teaches how to make room for anxiety.

Tin Can Monster Exercise (15 min)
Some thoughts and memories can appear too overwhelming when they show up all at once. This exercise helps you start to approach these especially painful experiences piece by piece.

Many Selves Exercise (13 min)
This exercise helps you notice the difference between you and the thoughts, feelings, and sensations you experience. In ACT, we call this the Observer Self.

Defusion (From the Portland Psychotherapy Clinic)
There are several exercises in this set that teach how to separate yourself (defuse) from your thoughts, feelings, and sensations so they have much less power over you.

Self-compassion Exercise (5 min)

ACT Videos

Three Myths of Happiness

Monsters on a Boat

The Unwelcome Party Guest

TED Talk: How Love Turns Pain into Purpose


Association of Contextual Behavioral Sciences

American Psychological Association

Male Survivors

National Alliance on Mental Illness

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