Department Consultation

Dealing with behavioral health as a department is new. The old saying, “Suck it up Buttercup,” is falling to the wayside and fire departments across the nation are noticing the importance of strong behavioral health programs to support their members. For example, Dallas Fire Rescue utilizes behavioral health services with incredible success.

Departments that are willing to learn and implement principles of behavioral health are better prepared to handle member crises, substance use issues, call-outs, and conduct problems. In addition, research shows effective behavioral health programs have high returns on investment, increased morale, lower rates of member turnover, and decreased absenteeism.   

Dr. Zack Isoma consults with Fire Departments on behavioral wellness in the fire service, including:

  • Implementing effective behavioral health programs
  • Providing Pre-employment Evaluations
  • Training new recruits on most common behavioral health issues and resources for effective coping strategies
  • Increasing knowledge of normal stress reactions unique to the fire service
  • Destigmatizing behavioral health and wellness
  • Training Administration on the most common behavioral health risks and best practices for mitigating risks
  • Evaluating the utility and success of Current Behavioral Health Programs