Our Practice

Our Values


We aim to provide psychological services informed by research. This means using methods of assessment and treatment shown to be most helpful time and time again. We also use behavioral science by measuring and showing clients their treatment progress across time.


Talking about the core issues that bring you into a psychology practice is important, but makes up only a fraction of what to expect when seeking psychological services. We also encourage taking action on doing things that are truly important to you. We work with you to identify what direction you want to take in life, notice what is getting in the way, and take meaningful steps toward doing what matters to you.


The most important aspect of providing psychological services is the relationship between the client and the psychologist. We emphasize developing a caring, compassionate, and open relationship. This provides the foundation for effective treatment. However, we will not be a perfect match for everyone and, when that happens, we provide referrals that best fit your struggles.